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Elsie’s Everyday Makeup Routine

It’s been years since I shared my makeup routine and a LOT has changed. I have found better quality products for my skin and for the environment and I’ve found things that perform much, much better. The biggest benefit I have experienced from switching to (90%) natural beauty is that my skin is healthier. A lot of it has to do with my skincare (which I will share another day) but I do believe that putting good ingredients on your skin makes a difference both in the long term AND the short term.

That said, I don’t believe that non-toxic beauty is all or nothing. I took my time replacing items and finding favorites. And you’ll see in this post that I still use a few conventional products that I haven’t been able to replace. It’s important to me to share that my routine isn’t perfectly non-toxic, but still it is SO much better than it was two years ago. I think it’s easier to go natural with skincare than it is with makeup. Makeup took more time, more trial and error for me. But still, everything I am sharing here is something I have been impressed by and that I use often—most of these items I have bought multiple times over the past few years.

I hope this goes without saying, but this is zero percent sponsored. I spent years finding the best of the best, and am still discovering … that’s why it took me so long to write this post!

Finding a foundation I loved wasn’t quick and easy for me. I tried a lot and this is by FAR the best option I have found. I will use this a long time.

In my everyday life, I use the primer and foundation, but I don’t worry about concealer. I only use concealer on photo days (maybe once a week).

For everyday, I use the smart primer (it makes my skin much more smooth for the concealer and I love that it is filled with great, healthy ingredients). Then I use the Crunchi liquid foundation. I do use their flat top foundation brush as well; it really helps to get a completely even application.

Since buying makeup online can be a real pain in the a$$, I love having an option to try a foundation sample pack. I highly recommend that if you think you might be in between two colors.

For photo days, I wear concealer around my eyes, down the front of my nose and on my chin. I put this on before foundation. I use Kat Von D Lock It Concealer. I will be trying to update this with a green product, but in the meantime, it performs super well. Since I don’t use it as often, it’s not at the top of my priority list.

Now let’s talk about brows. I am not one of those people #blessed with enormous, full eyebrows. In fact, I often refer to my brows as a “comb over” (haha)! They have big bald spots in the center.

For a quick everyday solution, I like Glossier’s boy brow. It is quick, easy to apply and looks natural and not too heavy.

For photos, a date night or a more dramatic brow, I like to use defining wax by EcoBrow (the color I use is Rita). This product lasts forever and works so well. I use a small brush to apply it. I just realized this is probably the wrong brush for brows—someone feel free to correct me (haha). But it gets the job done!

There is a night and day difference in my brows before and after I line them.

Now, you guys might know that some of the time I wear eyelash extension and I am a HUGE fan. I am currently taking a break from them, but if I had the chance I would wear them full-time. I hate going to the appointments, but I love how simple they make your everyday life.

When I am not wearing lashes I fully skip eye makeup on days I am not in photos (I’ve been giving my eyes a break a lot because I think I am developing eye allergies since moving to Tennessee). I know everyone is different. I have a lot of friends who have to wear makeup everyday, even to go to the grocery store. But growing up, my mom hardly ever wore makeup, and so I’ve always had a lot of days where I just skip the whole thing.

Anyway …

I am a big fan of false lashes. My natural lashes are not amazing and I prefer a dramatic look for my lashes, so I use falsies a lot. I will say that the more you use them, the faster and easier they become to apply. I use the full strips (these are fastest to apply, but they don’t stay put as long), the trios (mix two sizes, I mix medium and long) which are my personal fave and occasionally I will use the individuals (which take longer to apply, but last the longest). I love false lashes!!! If you have dark lashes or use dark eyeliner, always buy dark glue instead of white!

Lash glue can have some nasty ingredients in it. The glue I am currently using is still not perfect, but better. If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears!

For eyeliner, I love Kat Von D Tattoo liner and Ink Liner. I will probably replace them someday, but in the meantime there is nothing I have found that even comes close in terms of performance. This is some good cat-eye-liner!

For mascara I use, Lily Lolo. It’s the best non-toxic mascara out there. And honestly, I think it stands on its own against conventional mascara, which is typically one of the worst products at the drugstore.

Finding natural options for eyeshadow is easy peasy! I love Lily Lolo’s palettes. I also love 100% Pure. I have the Punk Princess Palette and the Mermaid Palette, and both are fruit pigmented and filled with amazing ingredients … just look at the the list! I use these two palettes for eyes and cheeks.

Speaking of cheeks …

For contouring, I like this Lily Lolo contour duo. I don’t do a ton of contouring, but a little bit under the cheek bones is so pretty!

My favorite blush is from Antonym Cosmetics (it’s so peachy and pretty!).

For a quick cheek color, I am obsessed with this tint stick in Peach Glow. I put it on the apples of my cheeks when smiling!

For a natural look, (on days I am wearing minimal makeup) I love this RMS compact. It has a pretty peachy color for lips and cheeks, and two different highlighters I use on my cheekbones and eyes.

And last, but not least—lips!

My go-to lip moisturizer is Glossier’s balm.com in mint. I keep one in my bag, by my bed, and I use it to prime my lips before putting on lipstick.

Another appearance by this RMS compact. I really love it and it’s so versatile.

For lip color, the best thing I have found so far is 100% pure lip caramel. It has a LOT of pigment and really works. They are SO pretty.

My go-to for light shimmer is the gemmed lip gloss in Rainbow Aura. It’s not a crazy amount of color or sparkle, but it’s so pretty! I wear this all the time … I need to buy a new tube right now. Haha!

OK, well the last thing I will share is a quick before/after I took this morning on my phone (this has no editing whatsoever!)

This makeup application took me about 15 minutes and is about the extent of what I do (minus bigger lashes sometimes). I used mascara here, since I figured you already know what my face looks like with false eyelashes. Also, I am wearing the gemmed lip gloss in this look.

If you have any questions about the products, or about non-toxic beauty in general OR (my favorite) product suggestions, I’d love to chat with you in the comments!

You can read about my skincare routine here. xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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